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Ludwig Drum Badges
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Late 1950's
This badge shows up on the earliest of the Supras in the late 50's. If you have a Supra with this badge it is for sure a brass drum.
This is called the transition badge because it was used for about one year and the transition between the badge above and the badge below. If you have this badge your drum is brass.

Side note: Why did Ludwig like the Keystone shape? There were other companies that used the keystone in advertising and logos. The Keystone is the strongest stone in an arch and the middle point between the left and right side. It was a symbol of strength.

This is called the pre-serial Keystone Badge and this is the badge that you will find most common for brass snare drums. If you have a Supra with this badge it should be brass but in some cases the new Ludwig Ludalloy.
1964 - 1969
This is the Serial Numbered Keystone Badge and by this time Ludwig was using the Ludalloy shell. These drums usually have small pits and flaking in the chrome. The bond between the Ludalloy and the chrome did not work like the brass.
Ludwig had made the new B/O badges and had shells that were drilled for the Keystone badge. So to make the new B/O badges fit they had to cut them.
This badge is called the Blue and Olive badge. You will also see it as the B/O Badge. If you have a Supraphonic with this badge it is not brass. There are some examples that have come up with brass shells, but they usually had the cut version of this badge.
In 1971-1972 Ludwig also used B & O Badges without Serial Numbers (LVDC) (photo courtesy O-Lugs)
This cut badge was on a late 70's BB. So it would indicate that Ludwig had something in inventory and to make it work they cut the badge.
1979 - Mid 80's
This badge is called the Blue and Olive badge with rounded corners. It has been said that this change was made because the pointy version above would catch on clothes especially in marching and bend the badge. (Should not be a brass shell)
Mid 1980's -
This is called the Monroe Keystone badge and started in the mid 1980's after the company was sold to Selmer. They did have bronze shelled Supras in the 1991 Catalog



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